Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Blogger Pages are generally used to create “About Us”, “contact Me”, “Privacy policy” etc. etc. on which there is no need of comment Box. So, Today I’m going to share two cool blogging tricks with which you can remove your Blogger Comment Box easily.

Follow the below steps to Remove Comment Box from Blogger Pages:

There are two ways to remove the Comment Box.
1. Remove Comment Box during creation of Blogger Page:

  • Login to your blog and Select “Pages” tab from left in blog’s “Dashboard”.
  • Create a New page or edit the existing page. Now You will see Page Settings > Options just left of the page. 
  • Click on “Don’t allow, hide existing” under “Reader comments” to Permanently Hide comment box along with existing comment. If you don’t want to hide “Existing Comments”, then choose “Don’t allow,show existing” Reader Comments.
  • That’s all. Now this page will hide the comment box.

2. Remove Comment Box from every Pages:
  • Go to “Template” –> “Edit HTML” --> "Proceed"
  • Now search for </Head> [Tip: press CTRL+F]
  • Paste the Following codes just above the </head> 
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;static_page&quot;'>
#comments {
display: none;
  • Now save your template. That's all. Enjoy Blogging..Feel free to ask for help. Good Bye..


Sudip Majhi said... [Reply]


hitesh das said... [Reply]

@ Sudip,
This is working man. What is your Problem? Kindly elaborate..

Bali Resorts said... [Reply]

Great Post , thank you for sharing

hitesh das said... [Reply]

@Bali Resorts
Your feedback is highly appreciable to us. Thank You. Please Visit again..

~ Admin

Gunarsah said... [Reply]

Hi Hitesh, thanks for this great post.

I use simpleclean blogger templates. Your method have successfully removed the comment box, but it still leave the double horizontal line which blocked full post on the page, so only half of the post shown on the page, the rest of post is hidden behind the double horizontal line.

Any suggestion?


hitesh das said... [Reply]

Thnxx for your valuable Feedback. Please send me your Template through my Contact me Section to analyze.

~ Admin

amir freed said... [Reply]

please i want to know that how to remove the comment footer box in main blogger page. My blogger blog is

and its shows comment section in blogger main page after "read more". but i want to remove it. it should shows on opening the post page.
Looks like this blog. So what should i do. ??

hitesh das said... [Reply]

@ amir,

Please send your Template to



JeLBee Hub said... [Reply]

Working fine thanks for sharing this tuts

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Zeeshan Ahmed said... [Reply]

Working Fine :) Here is much awesome widget, surely u like it :)

Shadab Jaffri said... [Reply]

:,( what can we do if we are using Facebook Comment box????????????????????????????????????

jerrica santos said... [Reply]

you write good information about remove comment box.

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hitesh das said... [Reply]

@ Jerrica,
Thank You for Your Valuable Feedback. Hope to see you again here.


hitesh das said... [Reply]

@Shadab jaffri,
Same Process..

Ramalingam Sadasiva said... [Reply]


Error parsing XML, line 606, column 1: Element type "b:if" must be followed by either attribute specifications, ">" or "/>".

i got this error... how to solve it..

hitesh das said... [Reply]

@ Ramalingam,

Check whether You Correctly ended the /> or check if there is any space between / and >

~ Admin

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Adeleke Teslim said... [Reply]

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