Monday, 14 January 2013

An Exclusive way to Download from ShareCash or FileIce–White Hat

I know why you are here. You are also a victim of those Survey headache.Right??? So, Today on this Post I’m going to share a special Trick with which you can download Files from Sharecash or FileIce legally. I was searching…. searching….. searching on the internet How to get rid of those Survey headache and finally I made this one. I was also a Victim of this headache. So, I’m providing you the Tablet to this Headache..I hope You will enjoy.


  • Firstly you need Mozilla Firefox. If you don’t have it, just download from the official Site or Click Here.
  • Now Download Greasemonkey add-on. [Download Here]
  • After Installing Greasemonkey, Download an Greasemonkey script Here.
  • Install this script and make sure the monkey on the right side of your mozilla screen is colored (which means greasemonkey is activated,to activate or deactivate just click on it)
  • Now go to the site which tells you to do the survey and asks for your information etc..
  • You'll see an option on top left side of the page which says '' Press CTRL+SHIFT+F to fill in form. ''
  • Do as CTRL+SHIFT+F and you will see that the form gets filled on its own and all the information filled out there is completely random !
  • Click on submit and you are registered on the site and now you can easily download what you wanted to !This is all random stuff filled by the script.
BUT… Pay Attention…..
  • Some sites may tell you to verify your identity by logging into your mail and opening some url or to get some pin ! For this all you have to so is go to . Go to this site and you'll get a temporary email id for around 15-30min. Paste that temporary email id at the place of email id which your intelligent form filler has randomly filled.Then click on submit form.
  • Check your Yopmail Inbox for the mail from the site and Get the pin or confirmation link.  you are done !
Here as you can see two mails from the site where we have to forcefully register and the confirmation link plus password (other mails are just spam,ignore them).
  • Some sites may ask you for voice calls confirmation ..
In that case go to this site ..on this site you can receive voice calls via mail ! So you bypass Survey again without giving any details !
Register here and you'll be able to receive voice calls via mail.

  • Before doing any Survey Don’t forget to disable Internet Download Manager Plugin on Firefox If you have.
              To do this, go to Internet Download Manager –>  Downloads –> Options ---> and uncheck Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox as shown below.

That’s all for Now. Thanks for your Patience… Visit Again.. Don’t forget to like our Facebook Page.


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Hello, your scripts is great, but im unable to do what you say. Im from Argentina and the surveys have to fill with my cell number and I have to choose a local operator. Anyway thanks for your tool!!

hitesh das said... [Reply]

You may also use to provide other details. All the best

hypnotizinglyarnav said... [Reply]

Link is not working..!!

hitesh das said... [Reply]

Bro.. which link is not working??

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